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16th August 2020

Letters from Principal

16th August 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope that this letter finds you all well and full of enthusiasm for returning to school.
As we are all aware schools have been closed for almost 6 months now and have been preparing for some time for a return to school that is not just safe but also sustainable - a way that prevents the spread of the virus and allows the vital work of educating our children to continue with the minimum disruption in the future. In short we need to re-open in a way that gives us the best chance of staying open. I know that this is what we all want and the children so badly need.
The Department of Education have published their Response Plan which is available on their website and can be easily found by following this link.
It is very important that parents keep an eye on our website as it is through it that you can learn of our plans. This is the first of a number of letters in which I will inform you of the changes we need to implement and it contains all the information you will need to start up on August 27 th
Thursday 27th August and Friday 28th August
- Junior Infants. Starting time is 10am and finishing time 11.30am
- Senior Infants Starting time is 9.15am and they go home 1pm
- 1st /2nd and 3rd. Starting time is 8.55am and finishing time is 1.15pm
- 4th/5th and 6th Starting time is 8.40am and finishing time is 1pm
As an aid to parents we will text your class start times to you on Wednesday August 26 th. Those who have children due in at different times can take the starting time of the latest child to be acceptable for all their children if they think it necessary.
Monday 31 st August onwards
Junior Infants. As already given out
- Senior Infants Starting time is  9.15am and they go home 1:55pm
- 1 st /2nd and 3rd Starting time is 8.5am and finishing time is 2:35 pm
-4 th/5 th and 6th Starting time is 8.40am and finishing time is 2:20pm
The whole point here is to keep numbers in the yard to a minimum. We also need to keep the yard as free of adults as possible. While this is not possible with the very youngest children it should be with most of the pupils, They could be let go to school from places like Claremont Court, the bus stop near the shops , De Courcey Square or if really necessary for the younger ones at the end of St Philomena’s Road. Please note that as part of their changes the Secondary School will block the short cut across their yard. They are doing this to prevent the risk of transmission to our pupils from their pupils.
Children should come to school as close to their start time as possible but certainly not earlier than 10 minutes before starting time.  If the weather is wet the children will go straight to their class rooms.
The front hallway is not available for parents to wait anymore and will unfortunately be closed at these times.

Every child should have their own pencils, rulers, etc which are not to be loaned to others. Such items are very likely Covid transmitters. It would be best if children had a set for at home and a set which stays in school. If the school ones could be labelled that would also be a huge help
While fabric is less of a risk, if possible a different uniform/tracksuit should be worn every day.

Keeping Our School Community Safe
Any child who has recently travelled from countries not on the Green List should not attend school during the 14 day isolation period. If you are in this situation, please let us know immediately. The normal 20-day absence rule will not apply to these days.
This is vitally important. We have a number of adults in our school community for whom this disease could have very serious consequences. A few days missed at the start of school is not a high price to pay for the safety of our children and adults.

Collecting at the End of the School Day.
At going home time classes will be brought to a designated area in the yard where any parent who wishes can collect their child. This area will be where their line is marked in the yard. Parents of older children who wish to collect may decide to meet their child in a pre- arranged spot away from the school grounds. Children availing of public transport are reminded to physically distance at bus stops.

Office Matters
From the start of the new school year it will be necessary for Parents/Guardians to contact the school in advance and make an appointment before calling to the school for all queries, payments or requests no matter how urgent. The telephone number is 01-8302328 or email our new dedicated email address for parents use:  This email address will be checked regularly throughout the day but if your query is urgent please telephone the office for immediate assistance.
If you need to collect your child early this must be approved by the school in advance in all cases.

Please note that this will not go on for ever. Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later St Vincent’s will go back to being the open, friendly place for which it has been rightly well known. Meanwhile I am confident that I can count on your support so that we can make the school not just the happy place of learning that we all love, but also a place where we can be sure that our children, staff and families are all safe.
We all look forward to the 27 th and meeting you all again. I’m sure the children must be very excited and they will cope very well with these changes. For their sakes we all will.
Yours sincerely
W Sewell

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