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3rd Class Room 4

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Ms. Holohan's Class.

Room 4: Third Class

Dear Class and Parents,
I hope you are all well and staying safe. Thank you for the continued support during this challenging time.
Here is a programme of suggested work for the coming week 30th March - 3rd April. Try to complete as much as you can. All work completed should be corrected by a parent or other adult if possible. Try to be as creative as possible when completing some of the tasks. Don’t forget to help out at home doing small chores and jobs for your parents.
Thank you,
Ms. Holohan


Spellings Week 24
  evil     Equal     evening    Eclipse
  angry     Athlete    Delete    here
  these    Theme      Dreary     Weary
  Family    Twenty       often     Grass
  Clear    length    Heavy     even
-Spellings: put 5 spellings into sentences every day and complete one of the different spelling activities each day Mon – Thurs (activities are attached)
- Read the following story and complete the different activities

1. Before reading the story write down some predictions about the story based on the title of the story.
2.  Make a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives that you can find in the story.
3. Write a character description for Harjit
4. Design a different cover for the book ‘A Story of Courage’

-Handwriting book: P.30 – 32
-Read the comprehension and answer the questions  (comprehension attached)
-Write a diary entry – A Day in the Life of a Child being Homeschooled
- Oral language game – Would you rather?
-If it is not a …… (activity attached)

Something fun, David Walliams is offering you a free Audio book to listen to everyday, click on this link to listen to it.

- Mental Maths book Week 27 – complete Mon – Thurs each day and complete Friday review and Problem solving.

- Division times tables %3  - challenge yourself by playing hit the button, practice your % facts

- Multiplication revision sheets (attached)
       -Mon Q. 1-8
       - Tues Q. 9-16
       - Wed Q.17-24
       - Thurs Q.25-30

- Telling the time revision sheets (attached)
       -Mon Line 1
       - Tues Line 2
       - Wed Line 3
       - Thurs Line 4

-Money activity: get a catalogue/leaflet from a shop – Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Spar etc.
I am giving you €35, challenge yourself to buy as many healthy meal
s for your family with the amount of money. Make a shopping list of the ingredients you will need and calculate the cost of the meal – write it out and work out your calculations.

-Word problems: Addition and Subraction (attached)
Addition: -Mon Q. 1-3   Subtraction: -Mon Q.1+2
             - Tues Q. 4-6     -Tues Q.3+4
             - Wed Q. 7+8     -Wed Q. 5-7
            - Thurs Q. 9+10     - Thurs Q. 8-10


Ainmfhocail – nouns

Pioc amach na hainmfhocail atá ar na balúin sa cluiche agus tarraing pictiurí tar éis an cluiche.
Pick out the nouns that are on the balloon and then draw pictures of them after the game.

Léigh an scéal: Ag Sipoadóireacht le Mamaí

Use the San Diego Zoo website to create a fact file about any animal you would like and include drawings.

Design an Easter egg that could be sold by Cadbury.
Make an Easter card for your family or friends.
Create and draw a ‘Chocolate Wonderland’ like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Make sure to get active everyday, go for a walk, cycle, practice your football skills.

Some useful websites: (Site to create comic strips, newspapers and posters – NOT tablet friendly) (Reading – sign up for free access to a range of different reading texts (lots of interactive Maths, Literacy and SESE topics and games available on this website) (Lots of interactive Maths and Literacy activities) (Fun free dance routines and activities)







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