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4th April 2020

Letters from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the end of the strangest term ever!  As you all know we still have no information as to when this situation will return to normal but it is probably fair to say that, unfortunately, April 20th will not see schools

It is interesting to think that we are living through History right now, that when your great-grandchildren ask their grandad what school was like in his day that these will be the very first stories that he tells them! He will tell how you, as usual, managed to keep food on the table, pay the bills, keep the house going, solve little disputes, do all the other things that you do every day and yet still have time to help him and your other children with school work and address his worries and anxieties- all with your usual good humour!  Your sacrifice is really helping in the fight against this pandemic!  The statistics show that our infection & death rates are a fraction of our neighbours' and that our old & vulnerable are far better protected. Lives have been saved!

And so, prevented by events from doing what we were trained to do, we can only continue to offer support by Distance learning.  We are changing our method of delivering this from our website to google classroom.  This is a more flexible way of delivering work and if the crisis continues, will allow us to develop the learning.
   It is simple to use:
(a) set up a new email address for exclusive use with Google classroom.
(b) go to
(c) at the top click add Join
(d) put in the code which I will text to you on Monday 20th. Use the code to enter your child in the class.  If you lose the code you can just check the original text that I will send you on the 20th -or email

Remember all work offered is as a resource to be used as you see fit. Please do not stress out over school work!  You are already doing brilliant work by keeping everyone safe and virus free!  Any ground lost by any child will be made up by our excellent teachers as soon as school recommences.  And we are really looking forward to that day- as I have no doubt you are too!
In the meantime keep an eye on our Website for resources and up to date news, on our Facebook page for the photos that remind us of each other and that we are a community and on Google classroom for all the hard work that the boys love so much!  Three ways of keeping these lads going.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. Enjoy the next two weeks break as best as you can and we will welcome you all on Google Classroom on the 20th.

Hoping to see you all as soon as possible & hearing all the stories!

Warick Sewell (Principal)

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