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4th Class Room 13

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Mr. Lalor's Class.

Suggested Activities for Room 13 Boys
30 March 2020 to 3 April 2020

I hope everyone is keeping well. I’m sure the boys miss being with their friends at
school. I certainly miss all of them a great deal.
I have put together a list of suggested activities that the boys from Room 13 can
do at home. I want everyone to understand that they should not feel under
pressure to get every single thing completed.
Thanking you for your cooperation at this difficult time and wishing you all the very
Eoghan Lalor

Here’s a timetable that you might find helpful. See below for further information
on suggested activities.


P.E. with the
Body Coach
Mental Maths
s/ Test on Fri

Oral Language

Visual Arts

TITLE: P.E. with Joe the Body Coach on Youtube
HOW TO ACCESS IT: Go to Youtube and search for The Body Coach TV channel.
WHAT TO DO: The boys can watch and practise the Body Coach’s exercises from
Monday to Friday. Check out

SUBJECT: English Handwriting
BOOK: Just Handwriting
WHAT TO DO: The boys can do the next page in the handwriting book (I don’t
have the books to hand but I think it’s Page 29). As usual, we do one page a week
every week. The boys can write out the first sentence on Monday, the second
sentence on Tuesday and so on.

BOOK: Mental Maths
WHAT TO DO: The boys can do the next weekly unit of work (I think it’s Week
23). The boys can do the Monday Test and the Monday Problem-Solving on
Monday, the Tuesday Test and the Tuesday Problem-Solving on Tuesday and so on.

SUBJECT: English Spellings
MONDAY SPELLINGS: pitch, witch, switch, stitch, kitchen
TUESDAY SPELLINGS: joy, enjoy, employ, loyal, royal
WEDNESDAY SPELLINGS: key, keyhole, sauce, pause, audience
THURSDAY SPELLINGS: oak, soak, cloak, cockroach, approach
WHAT TO DO: The boys can write out each word 5 times and then put each word
into at least 2 sentences. On Friday we usually have a spelling test with each word
being called out twice and the boys writing them down on a page.

SUBJECT: Mindfulness Exercises (S.P.H.E. and P.E.)
TITLE: Let’s Unwind
HOW TO ACCESS IT: Create a FREE account at Select Categories
at the top of the screen. Scroll down until you come to the SEL and Mindfulness
section and then choose Manage Stress. Click on the Let’s Unwind video.
WHAT TO DO: Children can follow the simple mindfulness exercises in this video
to help relieve stress. Gonoodle has lots of free video tutorials on a range of topics
that can benefit primary school children.

SUBJECT: English Literacy
TITLE: Crazy Carnivals 2013 (Chapter 25: An Enemy Awakes)
HOW TO ACCESS IT: Go to and log in (username:
primaryedcobooks, password:edco2020). Then click on Crazy Carnivals. Next Click
on Chapter List at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Chapter 25 An Enemy
WHAT TO DO: After reading the text, the boys can do the activities on Pages 88
and 89. The boys can do one or two of these activities a day. The activities can be
completed orally or in writing in a copybook or a sheet of paper.

SUBJECT: Oral Language
TITLE: Debate
WHAT TO DO: The boys can hold a 5-minute debate with a parent/guardian or
sibling on the following topics. First, the boys can state whether they agree or
disagree and then give at least three reasons.
ON MONDAY: Living in the city is better than living in the countryside.
ON TUESDAY: Children should not have to do household chores.
ON WEDNESDAY: Children should not have to learn about other countries.
ON THURSDAY: Children should be allowed to drive.
ON FRIDAY: Everyone should play sport.

SUBJECT: Geography
TITLE: Create a poster on the Arctic
WHAT TO DO: The boys can create a poster featuring drawings and information
about the Arctic on a double-page in their copybooks or a sheet of paper.
ON MONDAY: The boys can write a list of 10 questions about the Arctic.
ON TUESDAY: The boys can carry out research on the Arctic (helpful websites
listed below)
ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: The boys can plan and design their posters on
the other days.
ON FRIDAY: The boys can make an oral presentation of their poster to a


SUBJECT: Visual Arts
TITLE: How to Draw a Big Easter Bunny Portrait
WHAT TO DO: Children can learn how to draw an Easter bunny. There are lots of
these fun art tutorials on the Artforkidshub channel. Children really enjoy them
and can improve their drawing skills at the same time.
ALTERNATIVELY: If internet access is not possible, the boys can design their own
Easter egg.

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