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5th Class Room 10

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Mr. Stenson's Class.

Mr Stenson 5th class: March 30th to April 2nd
I hope everybody is keeping well. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. Below you will find a suggestion of some work the children could undertake during the week to come. Try and complete as much of the work as you can. The work should be corrected by a parent or another adult where possible. Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.
Mr. Stenson

. Mental maths
. Tables: learn 6 times tables (6x1, 6x2……6x12) self-test Friday
. Spellbound
. week 29 p.60- aim to complete all exercises by Friday, self-test of spellings on Friday
. English: Away with words (AWW) p. 5 A and B
. Maths: Busy at Maths (BAM) p. 29 q.3 and 4

. Mental maths
. Tables
. Spellbound
. English: AWW p.11 B, C
. Maths: BAM p. 30 q.1

. Mental maths
. Tables
. Spellbound
. English: AWW P.12
. Maths: BAM p.30 q.2

. Mental maths
. Tables
. Spellbound
. English: AWW P.21 either 1, 2 or 3
. Maths: BAM p.31 q.1

Mental maths
. Tables
. Spellbound
. Maths: BAM p.32 q.1
. Art: Easter inspired art- if stuck for ideas use kids art hub on YouTube  Link in suggested online resources)

Spellbound book available online at
(Link in suggested online resources) On their home page you will find a COVID 19 notice accompanied with a link. From there, click:  primary, 5th class, English, and scroll through the list of books until you find spellbound. English book ‘Away with words’ found in the same list. For maths, follow the same steps but choose Maths instead of English and you will find the Busy at Maths book in that list. Maths this week focuses on revision of long multiplication

Geography: Revise and list the counties of Ireland (Leinster = …., Munster= …, etc.)

History: 5 facts about the ending of World War 1. (We had the majority of WW1 covered in class) Ducksters, BBC bitesize, and are all very good website
s containing lots of information about the end of the war.

Continue to try and read and exercise as much as possible. In class, we had a system where the children had to complete a book report once they finished a book. This could be continued at home.

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