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6th Class Room 9

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Mr. Moloney's/ Mr. Owen's Class.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope you are well during this time. I have prepared next week's work to tie the class over for what would be the last week before the Easter Holidays.
Given the challenging circumstances, I have also included suggestions for projects that the
class can work on for the Easter period. These are ideas and suggestions only, please feel free to work on other topics as you see fit.
For next week, I have used Folens books and resources as they are now available online for free to assist in home schooling. You can access all resources at You will be asked to register as a teacher: just use your own name and email and then, where it asks for roll number, type in Prim20. You will have full access to all the Folens ebooks and resources for free.

I suggest you do some work on Maths, English and Irish every day next week as is the norm in school. However, it really is up to you and your child's pace. So long as they are following some kind of routine and engaging with their learning. By all means, if your child wants to write a novel, start learning computer coding or pull out the guitar, encourage them to try these things now that they have the time and freedom to do it!

Maths: Planet Maths 6th Class - Length, Page 83 - 87. We worked on this topic in class so this should consolidate everything we did. Here's a fun game on the topic, again feel free to try others games and topics on this site

English: Literacy Leap 6th Class 'The History of the Olympics'. Pages 2-5, read the comprehension and answer the questions that follow. There's a lot of content to tie you over but if you want to go further, pages 6 and 7 has more activities like recount writing and grammar activities.

Irish: Abair Liom 6th - Page 10, The past tense. Put the verb in the past tense. Page 16, same thing but note the different rules. Page 30, past tense but irregular verbs. Use the tables of verbs and the samples as a guide.

History/Geography: We were learning about empires the week we broke up. The class were really interested in this topic so they can research one empire and make a project about it. They can do the project as a poster, an essay,
or if they are good at IT they can create a PowerPoint presentation on it. It's entirely up to each child.

Use these links for research:

Roman Empire

Aztec Empire

French Empire

British Empire  

Ottoman Empire

This is a strange time for children and they need to maintain a routine and a sense of normality as much as possible. Allow your child to ring their friends so that they can be in contact with their peers. Your child should spend an hour per day doing physical exercise either indoors or in a garden. Follow HSE and Government Guidelines if you are taking your child out in public for exercise.

Some useful links on well-being and PE:

Mind yourselves and have a nice Easter,


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