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Junior Infants Room 15

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Ms. Reid's & Ms. Galvin's Class.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We hope you are all safe and the boys are doing well at home during this extremely tough time. We miss them and hope we'll all be back to normality soon. We are sure the boys are missing school too even though they have excellent teachers at home!
Please find below some work for next week 30th March- 3rd April. We will not be sending work home over the Easter holidays, so we wish you all a very Happy Easter.
Stay safe
A.Galvin  & A.Reid

2 D shapes – circle, square, rectangle & triangle
3 D shapes –
cube, cuboid, cylinder & sphere

Go on a shape hunt around your home/garden to find objects that are the various shapes above.

Revise number formation of numbers 1-5.

Cracking Maths- page 31 and 32.

Revise all words on GG is too big word list.
  Put the words into sentences.
You could make Flashcards and jumble them up getting the  boys to make sentences using the flashcards.

Read a variety books from home with the boys. Get them to talk about the pictures and try to sound out any titles or easy words.

Revise all sounds in sound-book.
You can practice jolly phonics songs on
Revise all word lists to date in folders.

My News
Get boys to draw a picture of something they did at the weekend on a blank sheet or copy.
They can then attempt to write a sentence/ sentences with help using capital letter at beginning of sentence, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of sentence.
We have been working on this at school over the past month.

Handwriting book
Please complete page 18 and 19 of handwriting books.
Please ensure the boys form letters correctly and neatly and draw a picture at the top beginning with b and p.


Encourage the boys to do a variety of activities including;
Playdoh, Lego, cutting, jigsaws, painting, drawing, Imaginative play like shop, post office, families etc…

Play sports & games with your kids e.g. football, hurling, tennis, throwing and catching, chase, any games/sports that you can.

Online activities include
Joe Wicks - The Body Coach for kids. He has live pe lessons every morning on YouTube at 9 a.m.

Go Noodle

Cosmic Yoga

Allow the children to draw, colour, paint, design and make.

Online activities include;

How to draw an Easter chick on arthub (youtube).
There are lots of other fun Easter activities on

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