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Lord Mayors Cup

Student Achievements

St. Vincent’s Retain The Lord Mayor’s Trophy 2013

After an amazingly hard-fought contest between St. Vincent’s, the reigning Lord Mayor’s Trophy holders, and O’Connell’s Boys, their valiant foes, St. Vincent’s retained the trophy. This was the third time in the ten year history of the competition that Vinnie’s emerged victorious but this time they not only had to contend with the plucky O Connell’s Boys opposition but also the elements as the snow pounded down on the city centre pitch! Led courageously by their heroic captain Adam, the Vinnie’s boys competed in five events, each one designed to test their mental and physical skills, stamina, and strength but most importantly the thing that separates them from all other teams their "Vincent’s Spirit". Mr. Moloney, Mr. Reilly and Mr. Griffin all played their part but the credit for the victory must go to the valiant Vinnie’s boys!

St. Vincents Climbs To Victory against O’Connell Boys

The first person up the wall was Yeoj who flew up the wall like he was a bullet shot by a gun. The boy he was competing against was extremely fast though not fast enough to beat Yeoj Spiderman who climbed up the wall like his life depended on it. Next up was Craig Sticky Fingers who dashed up the structure as was as the lightning. Then all of a sudden Craig Sticky Fingers slipped and recovered then climbed up back to victory and also showed great Vincent’s spirit. After Craig’s victory came Cameron who slipped and tried to come back even though he was far behind his opponent but unfortunately he lost his competition. Right after Cameron was Cian Sweet Feet who won his contest against his fast foe who almost beat Cian but Cian Sweet Feet is hard to beat at rock climbing. Sean was very unlucky when he was defeated because Sean is a fast climber. His opponent scattered up the structure like a monkey climbing a tree but Sean didn’t give up and he only lost his race by an inch. Last was Mr. Griffin who had to win to bring Vinnies in the lead. He was competing against the O’Connell’s Teacher. The O’Connell’s teacher wasn’t fast enough to beat Gorilla Griffin who was climbing his heart out trying to win his competition and in the end he won and brought the Vinnies in the lead.  

Vincent’s kick to victory
It was a courageous battle between Vincent’s and O’Connell’s Boys in penalties! As Adam stepped up to take his penalty, when Adam gets in goal he decides to make himself as big as possible to make the goal look smaller. When the ball was struck he dived like a lion would dive for his prey. As he was reaching for the ball, he missed it by half a centimetre. Adelin was next with a very powerful shot, the keeper got a fingertip to it and it hit the crossbar. He took his place in goal like it was his destiny to save the shot. As the ball was kicked, he dived and landed on top of it and saved it. Next to stand up was Dean. He struck the ball with great power in to the back of the net like a rocket would land in the ocean. When it was Dean’s turn in goal the striker taking the shot tricked him with a soft shot down the middle. In a moment Max will rise to win his round scoring with a beautiful shot. Max gets into goal and saves the shot with brilliant goalkeeper skills. After Max came Adam and with a soft chip put it over the keeper and into the net. Adam takes his place in goal but with an unlucky guess picks the wrong corner. Mr. Reilly!!!! The Best Of Them All. With a spectacular shot that was so cunning it almost blinded everyone at the Lord Mayors. It hits off the crossbar and goes into the back of the net. Mr. Reilly goes in goal with a jump that nobody else could have managed, he got a fingertip to the ball and it hit off the post and slowly bounced into the net.

Liam, Paul & Sean  

Vincent’s run their way to victory

Running was by far our most dominant event .Vincent’s dashed to victory past the tough opposition. First up was Taylor. He smashed the sound barrier with his amazing speed. His cheetah like skills gave him a big advantage. As he pasted the finish line he milked the applause and he won the race by a few metres. Dean was next . We used his brilliant speed to aid him in the race. He won the race by a few inches. Next to run was Brooklyn. Even though he was exhausted from his great performance in football he still put extraordinary speed in the running. He only just managed to pull through to victory. Ben was a great advantage to the team. Using his mighty stride he scattered past opposition to emerge victorious. Next up was our courageous captain Adam. Exploding off the starting line he ran like a missile and soared past the opposition winning the race by a foot. Next was our giant Griffy. He was like a stampeding rhino and he burned through the finish line and won the competition for St Vincent’s.  

By Alex, Kevinas, Paul, Gifto, Stefan, Alin

Vinnie’s March On Without Dunk-Ace Victor

Mixed emotions for the Vincent’s boy’s as they step off the bus. Some nervous while others excited. They walked into the arena only to be greeted by the fierce eyes of their enemies. As the Vincent’s basketballer’s got ready for battle the O’Connell Boys were already taking practice-shots. Although our talisman Victor was not present due to illness, his spirit lived on in sprinter Taylor, now dressed in Victor’s famous attire. The time had come for the basketballer’s to face their challenge. Joshua was first. He lined his shot up and the ball flew like an eagle into the hoop. Ryan and Darren unfortunately missed their shots by an inch. Paul’s opponent had scored and the pressure was on but it didn’t matter because Paul’s throw was as elegant as an actress on the red carpet. Adelin was the second last to take his shot, maybe if he had taken a small step closer he would have got a vital point for Vinnie’s. Last but not least was Mr. Griffin. With all the pressure on his enormous shoulders, he stepped up and launched the ball, it swirled around the hoop like a hurricane and fell into the basket. Mr. Griffin was definitely the hero of the basketball.
By Taylor, Reece, Adam, Nikita, Adam.

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