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Senior Infants Room 14

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Ms. Corbett's Class.

Dear parents,
I hope you are all keeping well. Many thanks for your co
-operation and understanding during this challenging time. Here is a programme below of suggested work for the coming week; 30th March – 2nd April. Try to complete as much as you can and thanks for your continued support. We will not be sending work home over the Easter holidays, so I wish you all a very Happy Easter.
Stay safe,
Ms. Corbett.


2 D shapes – circle, square, rectangle & triangle
3 D shapes – cube, cuboid, cylinder & sphere

Go on a shape hunt around your home/garden to find objects that are the various shapes above.

Sort and categorise objects based on the number of sides/corners they have.

Sort objects into groups that are straight/round/flat, objects you can/cannot stack.


• If you have access online, please follow this link

Parents can register to as a teacher and use the following special code for Roll number: Prim20

   Read the story ’Stop that Dog’

• Otherwise, using books you have at home already read with your child.
Encourage them to point out words they know, read sentences on their own, identify sounds in different words.

• Try including 10 to 15 minutes reading every day.


If you have access to ICT follow the link below

With your child create a story. This could be done as a picture book and they tell the story in their own words orally or with the addition of text.

Provide writing materials for the children to write e.g. pencils/pens/colouring pencils/markers/paper/card/copy etc.

Allow the children to do free writing where they can decide what they would like to write. They may need suggestions or guidance on this e.g.
1. create a postcard
2. write a shopping list
3. write a letter
4. diary entry
5. write a story.


Revise the sounds ''ai' and ‘ea'.

This link may be useful;


Play sports & games with your kids e.g. football, hurling, tennis, throwing and catching, chase, any games/sports that you can.

Online activities include;

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach for kids. He has live p.e. lessons every morning on YouTube at 9 a.m.

Go Noodle

Cosmic Yoga


Allow the children to draw, colour, paint, design and make.

Online activities include;

Art hub for kids
Pinterest e.g.

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