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Senior Infants Room 2

HOMEWORK 30th March -3rd April 2020

Welcome to Ms. Hickey's Class.

Dear parents,
I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time. Here is a programme below of suggested work for the coming week; 30
th March – 2nd April. Try to complete as much as you can and thanks for your continued support.
Kind regards,
Ms. Hickey
Please note:
Parents can register to as a teacher and use the following special code for Roll number: Prim20.
Parents can also signup to cjfallon and twinkl for free. For twinkl go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS. This has excellent resources for any parent looking to find printables for their children.

2 D shapes – circle, square, rectangle & triangle

3 D shapes – cube, cuboid, cylinder & sphere

Go on a shape hunt around your home/garden to find objects that are the various shapes above.

Sort and categorise objects based on the number of sides/corners they have.

Sort objects into groups that are straight/round/flat, objects you can/cannot stack.

•     If you have access online, please follow this link;

Read the story ’Stop that Dog’

•     Otherwise, using books you have at home already read with your child.
Encourage them to point out words they know, read sentences on their own, identify sounds in
different words.

•     Try including 10 to 15 minutes reading every day.

If you have access to ICT follow the link below

With your child create a story. This could be done as a picture book and they tell the story in
their own words orally or with the addition of text.

Provide writing materials for the children to write e.g. pencils/pens/colouring
pencils/markers/paper/card/copy etc.

Allow the children to do free writing where they can decide what they would like to write. They may
need suggestions or guidance on this e.g.
1.   create a postcard
2.   write a shopping list
3.   write a letter
4.   diary entry
5.   write a story.


Revise the sounds ''ai' and ‘ea'.

This link may be


Play sports & games with your kids e.g. football, hurling, tennis, throwing and catching, chase,
any games/sports that you can.

Online activities include

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach for kids. He has live p.e. lessons every morning on YouTube at 9 a.m.

Go Noodle

Cosmic Yoga


Allow the children to draw, colour, paint, design and make.

Online activities include
:  Art hub for kids Pinterest e.g.

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