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This website is for the parents of children aged 0 – 12 years, from birth to the end of primary school. To keep the website easy, when we use the word ‘parent’, we mean to include parents, guardians, family members and childminders. The website is about how you and your family can enjoy learning together. It is designed to support parents with fun activities and tips according to their child’s age. And each age group has lots of ideas for helping children with talking, playing, reading, writing and using numbers.

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Be Safe Online is the Government’s campaign to highlight ways to help you stay safe online, including a wide range of Online Safety resources, to support online safety for all.

12 activities to keep your kids’ minds and bodies moving

A Well-Being Journal for Kids
Hopefully, you will enjoy all of the activities in this Well-Being Journal. You may have seen some of these activities before, but there are lots of new ones here for you to try! Either way, have fun using your creativity to complete this journal at home to help yourself to feel positive, strong and happy! Do them in any order that you like!

PE with Joe Wicks:
Available to follow along at any time.     GoNoodle exercise videos, also lots of songs, dances and educational videos   Scoilnet has a number of home usage supports for students to benefit from and Scoilnet will be updating the material available on its website regularly.     ArtHub guided drawing videos on YouTube.

Barnardos Parent Support Service
Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
Barnardos provides practical and emotional support to children and parents in its 41 centres, in families’ own homes, through the school environment, and within communities across Ireland. Last year we worked with over 20,000 children, young people and their families.
The government’s response to Covid-19 has meant that normal routines and sources of support are currently unavailable to many families. Through our email support service Barnardos staff can provide support and advice to parents on the following issues:
• How to talk to your children about the coronavirus
• Setting a good routine
• Managing children’s behaviours and sibling dynamics
• Managing aggression and family discord
• Homeschooling/managing school expectations.
• Fostering natural learning opportunities in the home
• Healthy eating
• Accessing fun and educational activities for families and individual children
• Managing your child’s worries
• Self-care for parents
• Helping parents manage their own worries and anxieties
• Managing children’s online activity
Barnardos provides specialist services and support in relation to bereavement, adoption and fostering.
You can make contact with Barnardos by emailing

Shape Hunt
Kids (and adults!) love a good scavenger hunt. Put a twist on the search by having kids find items of certain shapes. When all objects have been collected, kids can then trace and colour the items on a separate sheet of paper.  If the objects are items that can’t be picked up, such as a clock on a wall, let kids use a smartphone to take a photo of the item.
For the youngest in the household, have them find objects that are of simple shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Challenge older kids with searches for items in the shape of parallelograms, ovals, rhombuses, or scalene triangles.
How High is That?
Rulers and measuring tapes are surprisingly popular items that kids love to use. Before starting the game, have kids use the measurement tools to see how high one meter or 50 centimetres is so that they have a general idea of what length they’ll be talking about. For an outdoor version of this game, use wet sponges (if available).
Have one child at a time throw their item at a wall or fence and have them guess how high the mark it made on the wall is from the ground. Record their guess and have the next child guess. Have the child who threw the item use the measuring tape or ruler to determine the actual height of the throw. Who was closest?
Roll to Win
Have your child toss two dice and add up the numbers that are rolled. Write down the total on a piece of paper – a person who gets the most wins.
Time My Move
Choose a move and see how long your child can perform it while another uses a timer to measure. How long can they balance on one foot?  How long will it take to run up a hill? How long can they keep up a balloon?
Treasure Hunt
Hide an item somewhere inside or out and write clues for your little pirates to find the loot. Maybe they need to crawl across the couch, slide like a snail under a bed, reach behind a stool, or, if they’re outside, run to the pine tree, jump off a tree stump, dig into a hole, etc.  Each clue can have words for older kids and pictures for younger ones.
Freeze Dance Rhyme Dance
Crank the tunes and let the dancing begin. Unlike the regular game though, when the music stops, a designated person calls out a word. If the other dancer(s) can’t respond with a word to rhyme with it within a designated time period (say five to 10 seconds), that person is out.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Kids will need some downtime during their time away from school and odds are good that they’ll watch a movie or read a book or two. Have your kids re-enact the stories while using your smartphone or tablet. Props and costumes will make this activity extra fun!
Using a mix of easy and difficult words, have your kids act them out and see if their siblings or parents can guess what they are. If the kids don’t know the word they’re given, define it for them.
Erupting with Fun Volcanoes
Fill a plastic cup two-thirds of the way full with water and add five tablespoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, and several drops of washable paint. Mix the materials together, put the cup on the ground, and form a mound of dirt or snow around the cup to just below its rim. Now comes the fun! Add one cup of vinegar and watch the lava erupt down the side of the mound. You can add vinegar a number of times until you need to add the base ingredients again.
Balance Building
Pick uneven or unstable objects such as cards, paper cups, or rocks and challenge your kids to build as high as they can or in various shapes.
Static Fun
Learning about positive and negative charges is pure fun when playing with a balloon. Have your child rub an inflated balloon against their hair and see what they can stick it on or pick up. Can it stick to a wall or pick up pieces of confetti or flakes of pepper?
For some more interesting at-home experiments that your child might like, see the following YouTube video: